Design Uploads

For uploading your own finished designs or files, you have a number of choices, including: JPG, PDF, EPS, PNG, TIFF, and files created from Quark, InDesign, Adobe Potoshop, Coreldraw.

Before you upload your design or a pdf file  to Print Mantra please make sure your original file meets these specifications.

The document size is exactly the size needed for the finished specifications (eg. 1/4 page is 3 3/8" x 4 7/8"). If your page is a full page with bleeds, make sure you leave 1/8" extra for bleeds.

•    All spot colors have been converted to CMYK.
•    All graphic files have been converted from RGB to CMYK. If your graphic is to print as black, make sure you've converted it to grayscale or black. If you have a flat black ideally 100 K and 40 C is recommended.
•    The final resolution of your scanned images should be 300 dpi and placed at 100% or smaller. Enlarging the image in the layout program reduces the final resolution.
•    All fonts (printer and screen) have been supplied, including fonts in graphics files that haven't been converted to outlines.
•    Photoshop files: Layers have been flattened.
•    Illustrator files: All type has been converted to outlines.
•    Coreldraw files: files are converted to curves and images to bitmap
•    Use the bold or italic version of a font, not the bold or italic commands in your layout program.
•    All support (graphic) files have been supplied.
•    100% sized laser proof is sent for black and white material.
•    100% sized color proof is sent for color material.

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