MGM College Year Book

MGM College Year Book

Customer : MGM College

Concept & Design:  Done in-house.

The client wanted something different. Though we showed them quite a few designs, the last design hit the nail. The magazine’s name was which had the letters of MGM in it. What we did was took in capitals and did a gold glitter on it. This enhanced the name to the way it was wanted.

The background was solid black and what was needed was an OM effect without the OM on it. So we used a UV process to show the effect.  

Pre Press: Done on our Cobalt violet CTP

Press :Printed on our Heidelberg 72 V cptronic offset printing machine in mumbai

Post Press: Post press involved  a lot of work. On the outer cover, the rays were printed. Now we had to do the UV on it. After the matt lamination what we realized was that the paper had expanded and the rays was not matching the original design. So it was a good task for our design team to create another positive matching the rays.

Art:  the job was done in 4 process colours

Paper: 250 gsm Sinar Art Card was used to print this job

Special Feature:  Overall the job came out well. What we liked most was when the books was delivered, there was a great appreciation from the dean and also we received calls regarding the job well done. The students were really happy that their year book came out so well.

Your Comment on the Print

The post press operations of matching the rays was not anticipated. We got a good learning from this job. Though it was a very  simple exercise, our pursuit for perfection did not allow us to let go of the same. The Highlight of the MGM in gold Glitter stole the show along with the emitting rays.

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