Types of Printing

• Offset Lithography is the most common and famous method available today where most printers use offset lithography to make a print. This is because this method helps in saving ink and in the process, limits set up time. With this, you will be able to use a more effective and affordable print for your job. Here printers usually offset the ink from metal plates to a rubber cylinder, which is then transferred to the paper stock.
• Digital Printing is a very popular method as it is effective in reducing the time to complete a print. Moreover, there is no need of using any films or plates here; the digital file is transferred to the printing press, with the help of a computer. As this is a fast process, customers use it to help meet their deadlines and schedules.
• Screen Printing is known as a cottage industry printing. As it requires a low investment. Screen printing is ideal for small quantities of letterheads, visiting cards and envelopes.
• Letterpress was created by Gutenberg and is considered to be one of the first forms of print in all time. With letterpress, you saw the start of the concept of relief printing, where the image that is to be printed is raised from the surface. However, with the introduction and implementation of new and faster methods, this method is slowly growing obsolete and losing its popularity.


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