Voice your thoughts and let the pen do the speak

Magazines are a periodical containing a collection of articles, stories, pictures, or other features. It could be industry centered, product centered or theme centered. If can feature lot of advertisements related to the content in the magazine.

In short it could act as a communication tool or a B2C tool to sell your products.

At Print Mantra, we specialize in Magazine work. Our 45 years of experience and our team of professionals will be happy to guide and suggest you what paper would be best to use for your magazines.

We could handle your title registration, RNI number registration and postal licencing, all at Print Mantra. Making your life easy and leaving your tension to us.

Our State-of-the-art press will give you one of the finest results the industry can produce. We have a complete line of post press setup to handle the binding of the magazine. With an automatic folding machine, we achive accurate folds of your forms everytime, not to mention about the speed . We could achieve upto 8000 sheets folded in various number of folds per hour.

Our automatic centre stitching machine can handle the pinning of the magazine accurately. In case the magazine has to perfect bound, our 6 clamp state of the art fully automatic perfect binding machine can handle it with ease. With an online cover feed and inline crease and an inline cover side glue we give a perfectly bound magazine with less of human intervention.

Our Quality checks backed by standardization methods of an ISO 9001:2008 will assure you that every piece coming out of our press will be the best and every measure will be taken to keep quality in check. We will stop press if we find there is a problem and will continue only after it has be rectified or corrected thereby reducing the damage to the customer.