Speak visually through your Product Catalogues

Ask the professional how to do it best.

Product Catalogues are an extention of your company’s Brochure or leaflet. In case your company has a wide range of products it would be ideal to have a saperate catalogue with the specifications, and all details of the particular product mentioned in the catalogue. Product catalogues are very specific information and are used mostly when you are closing on a deal. It is also used when a customer is looking afor a specific product.

Product catalogues could be a single page document wwith information and specifications of your one product or it could of several pages having information of various products with their specifications. It could have a cover and inner pages. Cover could be laminated or varnished to give it the great feel and look.

There could be special effects like spot lamination, UV coat glitter, gold foil on the cover to highlight certain areas on the cover or to give that special house color you may have.

At Print Mantra, we could handle your product catalogue work. We take care of your designs if necessary or if you have a ready design , we could take it from there. If there is a picture of your product to be color corrected and enhanced of its details we could do it at our end with special software and tools available with us.

Our 45 years of experience and our team of professionals will be happy to guide and suggest you what paper would be best to use for your catalogue.

We could suggest you the best sizes you could design your catalogue to make it cost effective.

Our State-of-the-art press will give you one of the finest results the industry can produce.

Our Quality checks backed by standardization methods of an ISO 9001:2008 will assure you that every piece coming out of our press will be the best and every measure will be taken to keep quality in check. We will stop press if we find there is a problem and will continue only after it has be rectified or corrected thereby reducing the damage to the customer.