Lotus Leasure Club Voucher Book

Name : Lotus Leasure Club Voucher Book

Design by: Created by us Pre Press

Customer : VITS Hotel

Plates done on our Cobalt Violet CTP machine Press :Printed on our Heidelberg 72 V cptronic offset printing machine in mumbai in single pass. The challenge was to get the evenness of gold throughout. Moreover the Gold plate also had halftones or screen effect in the design. Hence we had to be extremely cautious that we did not fill the dots while maintaining the solids. We would have taken it as a saperate plate, but the budgets restricted it

Post Press: Since the job had gold we had to be very carefull. Moreover since the job had vouchers incorporated in the book, perforation had to be given to the individual vouchers , so that it could be torn off for redeeming. The challenge during Perfect Binding was the size of the book. Feeding such a small book was extremely difficult.

Art : The job was printed in 4 process col + Special Color Gold. Paper : 210 gsm on inside and 300 on cover

Special Feature : The screens in the solid patch gold was a special feature in the book.

Your Comment on the Print : Overall we have been able to maintain consistency in gold patch along with the screens in it . And executed the job in one pass perfectly. The Client was very thrilled after receiving the job. This was our Success.