MGM College Year Book

Name : MGM College Year Book

Design by: Done in-house.

Customer : MGM College

Design: The raw design was a lot different when it came to us. We suggested a lot of changes as per the practical print was concerned. For Eg. The Pouch at the back was saperate, we clubbed it together, with the main brochure, to enable uniformity during pasting the pouch. There was no spine space accounted for. We re-designed so that the spine for the cd’s could be taken into account.

Pre Press: Done on our Cobalt violet CTP 

Press :Printed on our Heidelberg 72 V cptronic offset printing machine in mumbai Post Press: Post press involved a lot of work. The outer cover was looking very flat, hence we suggested embossing, so that it would have a stand out for the word journey. The Perspective of the font throwing out indicated a journey. So we wanted to highlight the word. The Cd alignment was to be maintained in all the packs. The challenge was that the design did not have such a feature which could demark the space for the cd trays. We had a corner inserted in the design with a small tint so that it was not visible but gave us a indicator

Art: the job was done in 4 process colours 

Paper: 250 gsm Sinar Art Card was used to print this job 

Special Feature: This pack went to doctors. The special feature is the unique design of the pouch at the back of the folder for inserting sample medicines. The pack had to be shrink wrapped, as they feared by the time the pack reached the doctor, the cd’s may go missing. And the medicines were to be inserted in indore, as the samples were in indore. So to achieve this we gave a slit above the pouch after shrink wrapping. This helped them insert the medicine samples without opening the shrink wrap.

Your Comment on the Print 

The post press operations were very lengthy. The job overall looked very simple but every aspect of the utility was to be taken into account before even taking the job to prepress. So good time was spent with the designer and changes were incorporated as per our experience in the execution of the whole job. Hence we didn’t find any problem during the execution. It went smoothly. Though we suggested a UV on the journey before emboss the client had budget restrictions. Else the highlight would have been more prominent.